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Not a seller friendly place, after only 2 weeks selling

Anyone feel the same?

I want to expand my business so I started selling on Fiverr.

Turns out this website is

  1. Not user friendly, lots of bugs.
  2. Sellers expect a unicorn when the only can afford a mars bar.
  3. The system is trying their best to get at you… Late gigs, warnings, maintain a certain star rating.

After 2 weeks selling… I’m pretty much done…


Hi there. Yeah, it may be hard sometimes but you should never lose hope instead try to correctly position yourself in these situations. Your gigs are properly written but as far as I have experienced here on this platform is that you need to be fully cautious when choosing a buyer.

Hey @nexlon,

Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

I’ve only been here as a seller just over a week now. While I have yet to get an order for any of my gigs or buyers to even respond to my offers, I’m still hopeful to make it work in this platform. I mean, I’ve read somewhere in the forum where a seller didn’t get a single order until 3 months later! And months later, she was a level 2 seller.

I’ve registered on multiple freelancing websites before I came here, and I have to say so far Fiverr has the best support system of them all. Some of those freelance platforms took days to get my services approved! I guess bugs are inevitable in this day and age, and I agree there are certain parts of the system that can be improved. But then again, nothing is perfect. If you say something to Fiverr, I’m sure they’ll listen to seller’s feedback.

I found there are so much information, especially for sellers, in this forum too. Chances are, you’ll find a solution to almost every problem encountered by other sellers. If not, you can always start a topic and I’m sure someone will be able to at least point you to the right direction.

Stay positive! :slightly_smiling_face:

It might help rating if all gigs had at least 1 revision in the basic package, so eg. if a buyer wasn’t all that happy with the first delivery they could ask for a revision and it might be more like how they wanted, which could mean they would give a higher rating.

Also I wouldn’t put a screenshot of the buyer conversation in the delivery attachment, just in case of privacy/TOS issues. Maybe buyers would be more okay to allow the images int he gallery if they didn’t have the conversation bit.

Other sellers have recommendated “not to keep all your eggs in 1 basket”, and have multiple sources of income.

I read your reply to the buyer’s feedback, why on earth did you agree to work on the gig for such a low price??? :astonished::astonished::astonished:


Hello, I’m sorry to hear that you are leaving fiverr. I find your gigs very interesting.

The bugs and the penalties can be worked with. The prices you set are your own and can be done at a loss at first to get some reviews. I have found it overall rewarding to work on this platform in spite of some frustrations occasionally. It gets easier in time.

like what @misscrystal suggested, we are doing this at a loss to get some reviews. Since we can’t ask buyers to give us reviews, the ones who were happy with my work never gave me feedbacks. So now I am still stuck at 3.3 stars.


Of course, this is not my only source of income. I tried Fiverr simply because I want to expand my client base.

I did offer revisions but I guess the buyer wasn’t interested.

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Same here, I mostly get messages, but never orders. Trying not to give up though, I have hope~

Hi, @nexlon.

I’m sorry this happened to you. Now, since you are new, and only have 1 review, you could consider closing this account and opening a new one.

If you decide to do so, please contact CS and let them know. Also, you will need a different mail and PP account for your new Fiverr profile.

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