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Not a very social guy here

Well after joining Fiverr I started to read some topics on the forum and I found out that many of them says the same thing: to succeed on Fiverr you have to promote yourself, do advertising, share on social media and all these kinds of things.
To be honest that’s a big problem to me: as I said I’m not very social, in fact I have only a Facebook profile with 16 contacts and there’s no way I’m going to create a new profile on any other social network, be it Instagram, Twitter or whatever. I don’t have a YT channel nor my own site, untill now the only thing I did is to place my referreal link on some forums that I visit from time to time but that’s all I can do.
So there’s no hope to me to work on Fiverr? :frowning:


There may be hope. I will say my first customer came from a social media post on Twitter and grew from there after having reviews, but it is not impossible to grow without social. I would say to check your Gig images though. “Informations” is not proper English and should not be displayed on a web page image. I understand English is not your first language, but just be mindful of what you display for your samples.

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Hi @great_spirit,

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, you do have hope and, yes, you will get orders! :wink:

I don’t have any type of social account either and, yet, here I am: selling, having reached Level 1 and working my way to achieve Level 2. :upside_down_face:

I visited your profile and see you have no description. It would be good for you, and your profile, if you wrote one.


There is always hope! I am level 2 without any advertising or promoting through social media at all, ever.

Hope it will encourage you to build your presence here on Fiverr.


I haven’t promoted myself on social media either. Most buyers come through Fiverr.

Just offer services that are niched to the people who need your skills and you should be fine.


You will be fine at last, no worries.

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Hi @maitasun thank you for letting me know about my description, I will write one as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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Thanks for answering guys, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one to be social media free :smiley:
I suppose only time will tell if I will succeed on Fiverr…
fingers crossed


You’re most welcome @great_spirit! :slightly_smiling_face:

Please let us know when you do so we can take a look to it! :wink:

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The most important thing is doing market and keywords research for gig SEO :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t do any marketing either so, if for you the only most important thing is keywords, then I guess I just have amazing SEO keyword on my profile and Gigs. :roll_eyes:

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Hi @maitasun sorry for the delay, I have added a description to my profile. Please tell me if you like it or not :slight_smile:

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Careful. A lot of social media advice here is bad, like posting your gig every day. Don’t do that. It annoys people and will not make sales.

You could start a blog about the problems your gigs solve and linking to them in that blog. That is one way to generate somewhat organic interest online without being very social.


Hi @great_spirit, don’t worry about the delay. :wink:

Thanks for the update. I’ll take a look at your profile description and will also ask the help of a friend - his username is @ahmwritingco. He’s always very nice and kind, likes to help users, and is very, very talented. :wink:

He’s an English writer and proofreader, but don’t tell him I told you… :shushing_face: :relaxed:


Social media can mean a lot of different things.
I would say the least effective social media for Freelancers to advertise their gigs on are their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and any of the similar ones. These tend to be made up of personal contacts and while it can be good to occasionally mention what you do and have a link to your Fiverr profile in your bio there, the reality is that most of your contacts will already know what you do.

Social media to me, and the only social media marketing I ever do is by being active on Q&A type sites and forums rather than what is typically referred to as social media. LinkedIn might be an exception to that but it takes a long time to actually see results from there.

Showing yourself to be knowledgeable in your field of work, helping people a little by answering questions etc has a far greater impact than simply posting your gig link on social media channels, so focus on doing that kind of social media marketing instead.


Hi, @great_spirit!

Your profile description looks ok. Your tagline has a spelling error in it, though. I’m guessing it should say “passionate about web development”?



@ahmwritingco thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


I’ve had some success using Instagram while targeting my client base with appropriate hashtags. I don’t focus on anything else but Instagram since that’s where I’ve discovered an active group of tech-savvy Buyers interested in marketing videos. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s fairly easy and just a matter of creating the right 1000x1000 Ad with appropriate and informative text.

I rarely post so it never comes across as spam.

It’s something I do when I have extra time or feel the need to do extra marketing.

I only have a link to my Fiverr Profile on my Instagram Profile. I never use active links on posts as that can be interpreted as spam from some. I just show a URL for my profile. I keep the advert as simple as possible.


Thanks for the info @leejohnsonvideo :slight_smile:

Fun! I like that you put a fun spin on it and tapped into something people love (cats!).

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