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From time to time I do get the messages or offers from other FIVERR USERS (or ?) but I am not able to respond because for some reasons the system says:

“USER may not be contacted at this time.”

I would understand if this is something which I would encounter when I was trying to get in touch with someone, but I totally don’t get when I am not able to answer to someone if he/she had contacted me first. The most annoying is that this . The worst thing, it is affecting the RESPONSE RATE…and not in a good way.

Please advise!

Kind regards,

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Possibly you have marked him as spam Or that user account is suspended. For this two case, your response rate should not be affected.

I have not marked anyone. This person is the first who has made the contact. And as soon as open the message, I see that note about me not being able to contact this person. I guess the person might be blocked or something but it had affected my response rate previously. It is easy for me to tell this because I do not receive more than 1 message a month.

Sometimes fiverr bot automatically marked some user as spam for their unusual activity. Anyway, you can submit a ticket to support.

Thank you for your replies!

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Contact Support, ok?

Someone, or Fiverr automatically, has marked the message as spam.

In the message you have an option to Unspam the message. If you do that, you can reply.

If the message is really spam then you can unspam, send a message saying you’re reporting them, then click report again.

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