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Not able to bid on orders

Hi… I’m not able to bid on orders anymore
Idk what happened… please someone help me.

You mean on buyers request?

Can you see them and you have available under 10 offer in the right corner?

You do know you only have 10 offers a day?

Ye i know i have a 10 offers per day but I’m not able to bid even on one order in the last two days.

What do you see?

You see BR and 10 in right corner but when you click what message do you get?

What are your stats here?

I’m not able to see the numbers but I haven’t bid on any request in past two days. So I don’t think that will be the problem.

If your stats are down (so not all green) you can not send offers.

All of my stats are showing 100%

And when you go to BR what do you see, screenshot please?

Oh, this is on the phone?

What happens when you click on Send offer?

Try desktop or restart application.

Yeah, I’m not able to find this option on site so I’m sending u the ss of the application. Whenever I try to send an offer it says couldn’t send an offer contact to customer care.

under more tab image
Contact CS then.

Ya thank you
I sent a mail to them now waiting for their reply.

you get many of buyer request. But how i didn’t get many BR ?

You can have them all, I do not use that after Level 1 status.

You get to see more at Level one and all at level 2 but when you get to Level 1 or 2 you do not go there anymore.

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Wow… I want to get level 1 too…

thanks for details. Now i know it .

If your response time +`Delivered on Time has good (80-100%) then you should go on support . and if that ratings are low then try to incise that. also you can change your browser for check.

My respond time and delivery rate is 100%