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Not able to contact person who set up my web-site


I have a web-site built from someone who I am no longer able to contact. I am new to this whole web-site thing so I was dependent upon these folks for support. I have plugins on my site that were part of the sellers package. I am unable to find licence for these plugins for several different reasons.
Do I have ownership to these plugins- Slider Revolution, WooZone affiliate, ect?
If so, how do I access license or purchase information so I can update some or move otheres…



For all the plugins used, a quick Google search should be enough for you to find the official websites and creators, who you can then contact regarding securing a license and so forth. With a license, you get individual support for each plugin as it relates to your website.

As for the overall website, you’d need to find a separate webmaster to handle things domain-wise. Hope this helps.