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Not able to create/link order

I’m new to Fiverr. I tried creating the order and getting the message "There was an issue with processing your order

We are working to resolve the issue, for more information click here."

I tried 3 times in 3 hours and getting the same message. My credit card got charged multiple times but the order is not created/linked

Opened a customer service request for the issue 5 days ago. No reply for the request.

What kind of customer service takes 5 days to respond!

Anyone has the same issue? Is it very common for Fiverr customer support to respond after a week?

Same issue here! Just googled it out and found your topic. My paypal is charged, I won’t wait 5 days, if after 1-2 days no reply, will open case in PayPal.

This is completely unprofessional. They should nor charge before it’s at least in the system.

Oh no, sorry for to hear about your situation. I haven’t tried something like this yet so I don’t know why something like this happens.

And yes, Customer Support takes some time to respond at times, maybe due to their workload or the number of stuff they have to respond to as well. You can try making a follow-up ticket regarding the original one you sent. Sometimes this helps. :slight_smile:

Hope this problem gets solved asap!

Mukuraj posted his problems last year in October, Kenethon reports the same problem in November, I’m reporting the same today which is January 2016. Looks like it is an ongoing problem and nobody is doing anyhting about it. I am trying to place the order since more than a weak now to no success.