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Not able to create new gig!?


I am a level 1 seller… until last week i had about 20 gigs on my profile and i deleted 3 of them. i was planning to add new gigs. Today when i tried to add a new gig, i am getting a pop up message that you can create only 15 gigs!!

Has there been any change in the fiver system, rules regulations etc recently?


Does anyone has any feedback on this question?


Thanks kjblynx.

Your info was helpful. Not a great update though!! :frowning:


There is a good reason for this! I have two gigs that are converting really well and driving the bulk of sales. Okay not as good as some others but these ones - business planning and elevator pitch, are doing great. Especially now that they have some reviews. (50% of people don’t leave feedback) I’ll hit level two any day.

I guess the idea is my low converting gigs, and your low converting gigs etc - that we delete them and make new ones with better sales! This forces you to focus on quality not quantity with your sales.


Thank you atlbusiness for spending your precious time in sharing your thoughts. :slight_smile: I am also about to touch the level 2. :slight_smile: Had a horrible experience with a buyer today. Hopefully i won’t come across anyone like him again.