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Not able to deliver work because of ANNOYING size AND file limits

Sometimes I get BIG orders where I have to deliver a LOT of BIG video files but Fiverr won’t allow me to deliver more then 150 MB and they also not allow more then 10 files. It’s ridiculous! If the order amount goes above $100 it should also raise the upload limit and file limit.

Now I have to partially deliver the files on fiverr and the other part I have to upload somewhere else and share that link with the buyer. Problem is, the buyer can never access his files on fiverr anymore and it’s just VERY ANNOYING… please solve this fiverr

I agree that this is a needed change, but Fiverr won’t see it here. Send it to Customer Support with a professional tone.

In the meantime, I would send your buyers a delivery of a word document (or similar) with a single Drop Box link to all their files. That’s easier on you and buyers.

You mean the 10 files limit also applies if you´re within the 150 MB limit? If yes, that´s good info and I should keep that in mind, I had several files to send for 1 order already, not 10 but could happen. Can at least prevent from standing there with file 11 on my hands and no way to send it in to complete an order.
It should say 10 files maximum where it says 150 MB, if that´s the case at least.

I agree it’s fairly unprofessional on Fiverr’s behalf in this day and age to limit us to 150 MB, with the $ they make you think they could upgrade their servers and allow for at least 500 MB at the very least, 150 MB was good… 16 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the 10 files limit applies even if you’re way below 150 MB. I had an order for 15 video scripts (each script was a one page Word file, text only, no graphics or anything), and couldn’t deliver them together. At least it wasn’t difficult to solve; I’ve sent 10 files through “Deliver Now”, and the remaining 5 immediately after that, though “Deliver Again”.