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Not able to leave review of seller for incomplete work

Hello, if you hire a Fiverr seller and they accept your payment for an order but then the seller was not able to complete the job, not because of the buyer but because of not having the skills or personal reasons or what have you - so they cancel it, the buyer can not leave a review.
I understand Fiverr wants positive reviews to help them promote the site and make money, but this review process is wrong. I hired someone, the order was open for more than 45 days - I should be able to leave a review. How can you trust the ratings knowing now that many buyers are not given the opportunity to leave a review?



Have you got it wrong.

Fiverr doesn’t want positive reviews…Sellers (both good and bad) do.

I think the only way for a bad Seller to learn is to get some bad reviews.

I know what you mean, it doesn’t work for your situation but the cancellation will impact the stats of that Seller and will remain in that Seller’s history, if that helps any.

I also think that Buyers who DON’T LEAVE REVIEWS should at least say something.

Even if it’s a 1-Star rating.

I know I’d clean up my act with 1-Star ratings over no ratings.

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Well if Fiverr doesn’t care, I should be able to get a refund. But I am only given a credit. Now I’m to find another Fiverr seller when I believe the ratings are skewed. No trust - no business. Feeling very uncomfortable with this whole experience.

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I get that.

However, remember, there are MILLIONS of Sellers on Fiverr.

Some are very talented, but many are not.

It’s a crap shoot.

The upside is, you may be impressed with the right Seller.

Sadly, they are not always visible in the crowd.

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Exactly!! That’s why I should be able to leave a review. Lessen that crap shoot!!!

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We’re on the same side here.

I hope you don’t give up on Fiverr.

There are some great Sellers here.

Well, right now I’m feeling trapped because of the ‘credit’. But I certainly will not make this my go to in the future. And I’m saying this not because the seller couldn’t complete the job, let me be clear - it is because of the structure of Fiverr = not being able to leave a review and not getting a refund when work was not completed.



I can understand.

There was another freelance platform I used to work through and I eventually left it and some money behind for a reason not too different than yours.

Do you use the Three Strikes Rule or one is it?

3 strikes is, I believe, the Fiverr strategy of credits only. They hope you’ll have a good experience eventually - and keep you on. Whereas, with one bad experience and you leave - they don’t want that, they want multiple chances.
I understand that logic, BUT that doesn’t mean I want to participate. Waste of time, hurt my online business sales and didn’t learn anything from it!
I still do not like the structure of Fiverr itself, as I started in this thread with no trust of the ratings. Definitely do not like credit policy. Definitely looking for other options. I was being lazy by going to Fiverr and I’ve paid for that laziness.

Shop local, look for referrals through local business associations etc…

I should keep my business local and this experience has encouraged me to pursue that. I hope many others will read this and do the same. Keep your business interactions to your local area where they can benefit your local community and economy in many ways.


Agree with you on supporting local…especially with so many businesses hurting due to COVID.

Thank you for your open, honest comments.

I think this could be a very important thread.

All the best to you!

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Hey! Sorry for the unfortunate experience. Maybe you can share your sentiments to the Fiverr Support team.

Also I think you can ask the credits be put back to your original payment source, but you have to request it. Found the answers under “I have questions about my refund”
Read more here (the link automatically goes to that section):

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Thank you so much! I did look for a place to contact Fiverr and couldn’t find it.
I’ll try the links you provided and post how goes.