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Not able to post photos for any gigs except in V1


My problem is that when I create a new gig, I can’t upload any images with V2. I can click on the button all I like but nothing will happen. I never had this issue with V1, and since it’s almost done being up, how am I supposed to upload any images? Is anyone else having these issues? Is there a way to get around it?

I’m on a Mac and I’m using Safari (I know, lame!) and for whatever reason I can’t log in to firefox and stay logged in so I can’t use that, and I’d rather not get Google Chrome.



Try different browsers.

I cannot do any gig maintenance or changes in IE, So I use FireFox for gig maintenance and IE for delivery.


Try to contact the fiverr Customer Support team. I personally have not heard of this problem but that’s something you may want to contact them about if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:


Uploading doesn’t work on Safari for V2 for some reason. I never found a way around it and just switched to Firefox and Chrome, which have no problem with it.