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Not able to publish gig

What happens when you click the drop-down menu on the right of the gig you want to publish, click the “edit” option then check each section (it might make you click “save & continue” on each section when editing the gig) and click “publish” on the last section of editing the gig?

please can you expalin this

It looks like a bug in Fiverr’s skill test. If you’ve already taken that test today and failed you’ll need to wait another day (also there’s a limit to the amount of times you can retake the test in a 3 month period I think). If you’ve taken the test on a previous day try reloading the page/deleting cookies or something or reporting it to CS.

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I have not taken the test due to network connection .It got stuck there and I am not able to take the test.

Did you start taking the test today (even if it failed to complete) and then it gave that error (eg. because of your connection failure)?
If so, you’ll have re-try from tomorrow I think. Like if it fails part way through it because you lost your connection part way through I think it would fail the test.