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Not able to search my gig anywhere?


Hi, I am new to this portal and have created my first gig approx. 18 hours ago. I am not able to see it in search anywhere. Is this normal? However, there are some stats for the same.

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All new and edited gigs are manually reviewed by Fiverr before they go live within the search system. Give it 1-3 days, and your gig should become listed.

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Thanks!!! I was thinking on the same lines - only raised a doubt in mind coz it has become active in a couple of hours but could not find in the search. Hope to see it in search sooner.

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Still not in any search. :frowning: 2 days on. Hope I will see it tomorrow.


You are right jonbaas i am also new on fiverr and today has my 4th day gone finally today fiverr team reviewd my gigs.i was made seven gigs my one gig has denied by fiverr two are accepted and remaining 4th are modifaction required.i have done modification.Now i have six active gigs.

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My gig is already in active state. How long it took to come in search for yours after being active?


Fiverr team first reviewed your gigs and then you will be able to see you gigs in searching platform.there are many gigs and top ranking gigs are shown first may be you canot find your gigs at starting point bcz it will be blow but i sure your gigs is active in searching platform according to the fiverr ranking algorithem.


Still not able to find in search results with any combinations - It’s active for 2 days now. :frowning:


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