Not able to select a Gig


When I go to “Buyer Requests” and chose a particular request, from the popped up screen (see attached image) it does ask: “Select a gig that matches the buyer’s request:”, but unfortunately, there is no option to do it!

Is this a Bug? Or something I am not aware about?

Please advise.


Buyer requests are currently disabled in both buyer and seller pages. Maybe they are working on it/updating it - maybe they’ve simply removed it. There’s been no communication about it from Fiverr that I can tell.


See the image. Buyer has a specific requirement of ‘10 blog comments’ and I’ve a Gig that offers this service but when I click on ‘Submit offer’ in the pop-up menu, it shows a different gig of mine which is not relevant to the Buyer’s requirement. Now if I submit the offer anyhow, it may create a confusion in buyer’s mind that why did I submitted the offer with an irrelevant gig!! :frowning:


I’m happy to see that the issue is fixed. As seen in attached image, now I am able to select relevant Gig of mine for the ‘Buyer Request’ I’m interested in. Thums up Fiverr :slight_smile: