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Not able to send custom offer to a specific client


I am not able to send a custom offer to a specific customer. I tried many times but I think there is any problem with the same.

Please help me out with the same as I have to send the custom offer asap otherwise I’ll loose the order.


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Hi Anjali…Are you in conversation with your buyer? If yes, then please ask your buyer to check from his end. May be there some issues from client end. And please check your gig also.

Is your gig in active mode? And check your order also.

a custom offer is usually one of your public gigs, that you can further comment and customize for a Buyer Request, someone who got in touch with you by email, or (I suspect, never tried it) someone you get in touch with.

I was a bit confused myself first time I answered a request, as Fiverr seems to favour fixed templates. But there are also short free message you may send.

Yes, My buyer is in the conversation with me and my gig is also active.

I also asked my buyer to send me the request for custom offer so that I can accept and send him back but I am not able to do so as well.

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@anjalivelocis Oh then you may need to contact with Fiverr support. You know fiver support is very helpful and they are proactive.

The buyer doesn’t have to request you make
a custom order request in order for it to be possible to send a custom offer. You just need to have an existing chat.