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Not able to send message to Anyone (I'm a buyer). Anyone facing it now?


From last few hours, I’m not able to message anyone. When I type the message and hit send button, it just refreshes the page and nothing happens. I think its a technical issue with fiverr. Anyone facing the same?


Have you tried using the app or another browser? If the problem persists, you might want to contact Customer Support. The messaging system worked for me in the last hours.


Yes, I have had this issue for weeks now. Unfortunately, customer support wasn’t able to detect a cause in my case. I usually copy/paste the message since the 2nd attempt always goes through for me.
Try clearing your browser, cookies and cache. You also might want to try a different browser. Good luck.


The others are right and I’d consider those first. If it doesn’t resolve, you could be blocked for something unintentional.

For example, if you put up a Buyer Request or a forum post about buying, you might have received multiple offers from sellers. If you wanted to send them all more details, you might have copy/pasted similar replies to several people. Sometimes the automated system perceives that as spam.

You can contact Customer Support at if you think this fits your issue.


Why don’t you try another browser and if the problem persists you can try the mobile app. I am currently use the App and am it is really good.