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Not able to send proposals

Hello everyone I’m a new seller on fiverr I don’t know why I am not able to send proposals


If you open you Fiverr App you will see 5 circles at the front page. If those circles are red and Fiverr’s evaluation takes place. your Fiverr seller level will drop e.g. if you are level 2 seller they will drop you to level 1. but if you are no level seller they will block your proposals.
The only way out is to wait for two months. those circles will reset.

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Thank you but there are no red circles and I am a no level user from yesterday no buyers requests are available

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And that means that there is just no requests available at the moment. You do realise that BR appear when there is a client that need that service and if there is no requests then that means that there is no buyers with open requests at the moment :woman_shrugging: