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Not able to send request to Sellers

I had got a 3.5-star rating which was so disgusting with all the hard work I put upon…
Forget that… It’s been over a month now…

I want to know… when can I send the buyer request again… I got demoted that very moment and could not send any offers…

Though I got 1 order from outside and got even a 5-star rating…
Should I have to wait for 60 days from the time I got the ratings? Or from that month’s evaluation time? I already got 5-star ratings as well?
What’s the criteria… can anyone please tell me, please…
It’s so frustrating having to wait and wait… and get no work at all when I was at peak to receive so many offers…


It might be 60 days or it might be the all-time rating it takes into account (so that even waiting 60 days won’t allow you to send requests if the avg all time rating isn’t high enough).

I think you need to have an avg rating (alll-time?) of 4.5 stars to be able to send offers to buyer requests.

Maybe you could put in your gig description more about how you do it (eg. whether some part of is automated and which are manual). That way the buyer would know more before purchasing. If the translation bit is automated you could reduce the number of languages to the ones that it translates best (you could create a new gig for it and delete the existing one, so the URL would be correct and it also wouldn’t have that low rating on it, though the rating would stay on the profile even if the original low rated gig was deleted). So it’s probably best to make sure the buyer knows (including if it’s a custom offer) if the translation is done automatically.

Also in your gig/packages you could make it clearer how many words you are translating/proofreading.

Nope I don’t think the low ratings are deleted Its difficult to get new offers… and Its so frustrating… I can’t send any more offers. Fiverr says we have to wait for 60 days and then all is normal… please confirm

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If Fiverr has said that to you it’s probably correct, but I can’t confirm as it’s never happened to me yet (I don’t know if it’s just something you read on the forum). You could search on the forum to see other posts where it happened to people and see if it then allowed them to send offers to BR after 60 days even if the all-time average was still below 4.5 stars. I thought it was the all-time average it took into account.

But if you take some of my suggestions above into account you could probably reduce the chance of a low review happening again on that (or a similar) gig.

Yes thanks for it. But I have to start getting work again…

get new 2-3 order & get 5*, it would be help you to rank & also green signal to fiverr algorithm.

be patient.

Best of luck

You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers.

Don’t rely on Buyer Requests.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! for how to get orders.

if you get 3-4 new order with 5*, i hope you get sending buyer request oppurtuniy.

Best of luck

Thank you everyone for your answers and your suggestions. But recently 2-3 days ago, I got 5 ratings, now my overall ratings is 4.6… still not able to work……… Why so???

get 2-3 order with 5 * with at any cost, you will recover & everything be pleasure.