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Not able to set my video preview


Hello Fiverrians! I need your help…
I have recently uploaded a video on my Gig. But I’m not able to change its preview despite of trying so many times. The video format is AVI. Is this a technical problem or some kind of fault on my side. Thanks for your kind suggestions.
Regards Emma,


video previews have to be manually approved. maybe just wait a couple of days?


A couple of days. Means no clicks and no orders on my gig due to bad preview :disappointed:


you are not going to get 60,000 orders in those two days. be patient and go get a coffee.


Lol. You are right :slight_smile:


It takes about 20 minutes to an hour for it to update… It feels buggy like it’s not actually saving it…But it just takes time. I do the entire process like 4 times and save it several times just to make sure it worked… It seems very buggy.


Thanks videostore, at least you have reduce the “a couple of days” time to “20 minutes” :slight_smile:


change the proxy it will help


yea , I dont think it has to go through any manual review. The manual review process is already done before it’s able to show up on your gig at all… The tool just takes time to process. If it’s not yet working , do it again and save it once more. Hit Control-F5 to refresh your browser and try it.


Hi there,

I’ve been trying for 3 days to set the video preview and it just will not change. It’s stuck on a horrible face I’m making, which is pretty comical, but not nice.

I’ve tried setting it while incognito and still no change.

Any ideas?


I’ve wondered if that is adjustable too. I have changed a couple of my videos because of the image that is displayed in the preview box. I simply re-adjusting the timing in the video so it doesn’t capture a transition scene. I did the editing myself but what if that is not an option?

Does someone know of a better way or at what exact time does fiverr pick out of a video for the profile preview?


I’ve had issues like this previously.