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Not able to understand? (live portfolio)

I am not able to understand what is live portfolio in gig’s section. please help me.

The best way to see Live Portfolio in action is to go to a gig page which has a bunch of reviews. We’re allowed to post 3 images to represent our gigs. When we “deliver” our gigs, many times the work is a graphic of some sort, or it can be shown in a photo. If the buyer leaves a review, they can chose 1 of those “delivered” images to be shown. When looking at that gig page, you’ll start seeing those images along with the buyers’ reviews at the bottom. When Live Portfolio is turned on, all those “delivered” work images are visible to the public, after viewing the first 1 to 3 images chosen by the seller as work samples. When you “deliver” a first order on a particular gig, if you attach ANY files, you’ll see a message asking if you want to turn on Live Portfolio. Obviously, if the files are just text, the answer will probably be “no”. But if it’s a graphic or photo, you’ll want to say “yes” so future buyers can see the breadth of your work. And the other way to turn Live Portfolio on is on the gig summary page.

thanks @celticmoon

with the brief answer I have understood what’s live portfolio…

Thanks once again…

hey I don’t have orders placed since I join, I don’t know what’s the problem.

Will you sort out that one?

Yes, look on the Fiverr FAQ forum, and do a forum search for topics such as “new seller”, “making sales”, “how to get first sale”, “promoting gigs”, “optimizing gigs” and similar. There are hundreds of great posts with excellent advice and good tips.

Good luck~