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Not able to upload or Deliver files

I have two clients needing their audio files and I am not able to upload any files. The content of the text box is uploaded but no files are attached. (I put in a Customer Support ticket many, many hours ago with 4 updates… but no contact from Fiver, yet.

1-Is anyone else having this upload problem (your text uploads but not file attachments)

2-Both clients asked me to just email the files directly to them… I said no for now… Is that permitted to keep clients happy when Fiver is not functioning and we/they may lose business?

Thanks for your help, in advance,

Ron Masa

I am also having problems sending files for my embroidery digitising gig. Seems to be ok sending jpg and png but not the actual embroidery .dst files

I have to send the all the files in a zip folder as a workaround. You could try that


Note that not all files work.

Once I tries with an .swf file - it didn’t work, now it does.

If you know hoe create an actual download link for your client at that time.

Best Of Luck

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

Thank you, Rich!! You have saved the day and possibly my sanity. I still have not heard from CS after most of a day, but while no .mp3 files can be uploaded, zipping them got them to upload in Fiver!!! Thank You.

Thanks for your interesting idea, too, Joe… that might be a backup option, though it is not as clearly within the rules of Fiver which we want to honor, Zipping the files made them upload easily (and they were not large to begin with… it’s apparently the file type that is not working while zip files do.

Be well,

Ron Masa

Here is the very helpful answer I finally got from Customer Support:

"If you are pressed for time and unable to upload your file to our messaging system, you can use a third-party file sharing service (such as or to upload the file, and then send your buyer the download link. We ask that you not use a file-sharing service that requires an exchange of email addresses or other personal contact details.

Also make sure that your files names don’t have any punctuation/spaces/symbols, this can sometimes affect the uploads.Please make sure that you have the latest Adobe flash and clear your browser caches/cookies."

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There are certain file types that doesn’t work lately. I experienced the same with “mobi”. For those I get an Error 404 if I use the “Deliver work”, while it simply swallows the files and delivers only the text when I simply attach the files via the project or inbox. Use zips. That one works without a problem.

The CS technical team is working on this new problem. I would contact them directly to address each of your own issues.

Thanks for all the input. This function has been repaired in my experience, but knowing some workarounds make a big difference. Using zip files and are two valuable solutions if you have this problem.

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.

yes I get this all the time…try reloading the page and upload again…contact cust care…if the buyer leaves a negative…contact cust care and explain :wink: they will remove it