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Not able to visit the buyer page

Please I need assistance

For 6 weeks now I have not been able to send offer or visit the buyer request page due to my low rating of 3.3 from a buyer. I have waited for so long,

Why is Fiverr this wicked to me?

I wasn’t even given a warning, not as if I didn’t do a good job, or I didn’t submit the job on time the buyer just decided to give me a poor rating. I have been committed to this platform for a while now i have never broken any rule

Is it fair to me please?
Only the good ones get punished

I guess quitting freelancing is a good idea

What do you guys think? Please give your honest opinion

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Don’t feel bad for yourself…focus on improvement!

Fiverr doesn’t owe you anything

No, your rating isn’t low just because one buyer gave rated you 3.3. You also have the following ratings: 4.3, 4.7 & 2, out of nine reviews. Making your all-time rating 4.4. :roll_eyes:

Fiverr isn’t wicked to you, you are wicked to yourself. Did you read the review left by the buyer who rated you 2*? You should! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks for the insult

What improvement?

Is best you close my account than to restrict me from participating in the exact thing that makes Fiverr

You guys haven’t even given me a single advice, the only thing you did was to say negative things about me.

I’m just saying don’t get mad at fiverr…they aren’t doing you wrong. At this point ig you should just try to get another order to bring up your stats. Lower your price, idk


The reason why you saying all these is because you haven’t been in my shoes or been given any warning on Fiverr. I think when you get in my shoes you will understand my situation. But thanks anyway for responding to my worries