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Not accepting the revision

One buyer is not accepting even the revision. What will happen to my payment? Please help

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Make your revision better. It is only 5$ don’t stress about it.


I made it. But he is not accepting. What will happen then

He can ask for revisions infinitely. If he accepts the revision there is a good chance he will leave a bad review. If you cancel or him cancels the order your cancellation rate will go up.

If he contacts CS and they decide that buyer is right they will cancel the order and your cancellation goes up if CS says that you are right then you will probably get your money but still, you will probably get a bad review.

Again I say it is only 5$ don’t stress about it.

Its not 5$ man. Anyway I like the way you answered.

After not accepting the revision is there a method to accept the deliver automatically? anyone know?

I cannot understand this dude. Please explain.

I’m sorry it bugged for me and showed only one of your packages that is 5$ so I thought that order is 5$ too. If buyer doesn’t want to accept and you are sure that you did EVERYTHING that you agreed on and that your description states then you can contact Customer Support and explain to them that he isn’t accepting finished order.

No worries. Thank you for helping me.

Isn’t there any method to accept the deliver automatically?

It should get automatically completed after 3 days if buyer doesn’t decline it in those 3 days.

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What will happen if the buyer declined the deliver?

You can ask him what is that he doesn’t like try to improve it and send him another revision or you can contact CS and explain your situation or you can cancel the order.

Okay. Thank you so much for your kindness

if it auto accepts, your laughing

if he requests another revision, and he’s out of revisions, then assess the situation. if you did everything he asked when he had revisions, then a dispute will probably go in your favour