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Not all cancelled orders should influence completion rate


I have had multiple times that a buyer ordered my gig twice by mistake
(meaning, the buyer only wanted to order once, but bought twice by mistake).
Of course, I always agree to cancel the second order (mutual cancellation).
However, this cancellation influence my completion rate,
and this has already caused to lose my level 1 seller badge once.

A mistake made by the buyer (which you cannot control as a seller),
like ordering a gig twice instead of once by mistake,
should not influence your completion rate.
I contacted customer support, but they told me they cannot change my completion rate.

Hence, I think not all cancelled orders should influence your completion rate
and the level of your seller badge.


That’s sad true, any cancellation affects the rate. I hope fiverr will review and change this system.

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Indeed. I hope that if enough sellers tell their story,
Fiverr will change how the order completion rate is calculated.
This is important because the order completion rate is used to determine your seller level badge.

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Couldn’t agree with you more. I recently had the infamous PayPal chargeback cancellation that brought down my completion rate. Buyer took my work and “ran” along with a % from my completion rate. If you add this to a couple of more “ooh sorry I ordered wrong situations”, you can get a drop of 3% out of pure bad luck. I believe that these kind of cancellations should not count as well


They made a post some time ago, telling that not all cancellation reasons affect the completion rate, or then they were speaking of a future change. Mainly related to if choosing the ordered by mistake reason.

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Some good news for you:


I didn’t know this. This is really good news!