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Not allow to share on social mieda

on forum all the user advise to share your gig on social media

but my experience is not good. they not allow me to post on social media with a comment that “UNABLE TO POST COMMENT”

please help me.
what mistake done by me and how to solve this issue??


Not true. Many don’t advise that.

Probably spamming. Posting somewhere where it’s not allowed or posting too much or posting where nobody wants to see your ads.

Don’t spam.


you should post there not comment

Join groups on Facebook. You can post your gig there.
You don’t need to post all the time, share valuable contents, people will check your profile and that will lead them to your fiverr account


you have to post there. but remember one thing don’t try to spamming

Which one will he listen?

Whichever feels easier, I suppose.