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Not allowed to ask for 5 star review. New Term of Service (I think)


So recently i noticed that I’m flagged in my messages to buyers when I type in the word “star”.

Apparently, we no longer can ask buyers for a 5 star review. I believe we can ask for a review though.

If that’s the new Term of Service so be it.

However, here’s my concerns.

Do most buyers realize that sellers live and die by the 5 star review?

Do they realize it affects algorithms… Do they realize it affects showing up on the top line in a search versus the bottom line in a search of gigs? or even the second page versus the first page in a search?

There’s such a significant amount of emphasis on reviews on Fiverr in order to continue to say active and move up in rankings and continue to stay at levels. That’s why people are asking for 5 star reviews.

I don’t believe that most buyers realize this. Has Fiverr done a good enough job communicating to buyers that the 5 star reviews carries a great amount of weight?

If you look at Ebay. It’s universally recognized that you live and die by your ratings. If you don’t do a good job of delivering or selling your product a bad rating could hurt you significantly and everyone knows it on ebay.

I had a really good experience with a buyer who was very happy and he didn’t send me a full five star review. He told me later he would of left me a 5 star if he know how big of a deal it was for sellers. He told me my review was less then 5 stars because he was simply being modest. Other buyers have had phone issues where they can’t leave a 5 star review and meant to.

Most new buyers and even some experienced ones don’t even know how to leave a review*

I’ve had sellers ask me how to leave a review. Those using mobile devices many times don’t even realize there’s a way to leave a review. Especially if their order automatically is marked as complete after 3 days and they have to go back into their past order to figure out how to leave a review. They have no idea how to go back in and find a way to give a review.

I’ve been on the forum to find out how to instruct buyers to go back in and make a review and it’s a ridiculous and complicated process to figure out.

Perhaps their can be an automatic email that gets sent out about leaving a review to sellers. Have no problem not asking for a 5 star review but for many buyers, leaving a review can be a much more difficult process.


Your work should speak for itself, which means you should never have to ask for a five star review. The quality of your work should mean the buyer is so impressed, that’s what they decide to award you naturally.

I agree that it is useful to prompt people to leave a review though - here is what I have in my “quick response” when I deliver an item, and it works pretty well:

" If you are happy with the content, that’s excellent! I would be very grateful if you could leave me a review - it helps me to get visibility on Fiverr and ensures I am doing a good job. Here’s a helpful guide to leaving reviews on Fiverr - If you can rate me using the “star” system and take 30 seconds to write a sentence or two on the service, that would be great."


I took the advice of a top rated seller on their youtube channel about asking for a 5 star review as a way to move up. I probably wouldn’t of done it if he didn’t suggest it as a tip.


There is no need to ask for a review.
Fiverr does that for you already with the now-very-easy-to-use reviewing process as well as an email which is sent when the order is delivered:

FWIW. Back when we were allowed to request reviews, I discovered that it really didnt make a difference to the number of reviews I got so don’t worry about it.

So much outdated and just plain awful advice that I would be very cautious about taking any advice from youtube et al. If you see something interesting, maybe ask about it on the forum and see what people say.


Thanks for the screen shot. I didn’t even realize Fiverr is now doing that.


like that quick response…they flag you though when you type in “star” though.


…that youtube video link rocks!


I’ve never had a “flag” notification pop up when using it, and have returned over 120 orders with this response without issue. Not to say that it doesn’t “flag” but I am not sure why it would create an issue. Of course, if you’re concerned you can always run the wording past customer support.


We have @frank_d to thank for that.


And how is it a buyer’s business?

Buyers were complaining about sellers who do :poop: job, and keep begging for 5 star reviews. It creates bad experience for buyers, and doesn’t really make them want to keep buying.


It may be because you have quotes around it.


Why wouldn’t a buyer want to be educated about the process of Fiverr? That’s all I’m saying. Everyone is educated on Ebay. Everyone knows how important the rating system is on Ebay. We educate buyers all the time. Especially when someone says you did good work and they turn around and give you 4 stars and you turn around and say Thank you for your business. I’m sorry you didn’t like my service better and you give them
3 stars.


Paul this totally rocks as a quick response. I’m going to retool mine. thanks!



You are absolutely right.

I am a new seller and after reading this topic I’m really afraid. All sellers have to go through a critical situation here.


Why would a buyer care if a seller needs reviews? It’s not something they are concerned with.

Also, we are not allowed to play on a buyer’s emotions or sympathy by saying how reviews affect us, or our visibility. This puts pressure for OUR success on the buyer, making it HIS fault if we do well or not, so the message is you better leave me a review or else my business will fail.


Some might want to. Some don’t care. Do you rate every place you visit, every shop, every vendor on Amazon you buy from? And do you give everyone 5 stars?


A better question, why wouldn’t Fiverr want buyers more educated about the process of Fiverr. The more educated, the more familiar the process the more comfortable with showing up, hanging out and purchasing. If you’ve given a buyer a great experience which I’m sure you have you can literally ask them anything you’d like and they are more likely going to provide you with it. The ones complaining probably got a bad experience and I’m pretty sure ones that complain to fiverr about being asked for a 5 star review were probably not happy with the service in the first place. The asking for a 5 star review wasn’t the problem it was the quality of service.

I’m not expecting every buyer to give me a 5 star review or even a review to begin with. If they care or not is irrelevant. Our job as sellers is to give the highest quality service as possible. My goal is to reach top rated seller. That’s what I care about. I care about finding ways to make that happen. A youtube video from a top rated seller who’s been in Forbes and Business Insider because of his fiverr success, said that was a good tactic. I chose to take his advice. I probably wouldn’t asked for a 5 star review if he didn’t suggest it. Now that it’s against Fiverr’s Terms of service I’m looking at different techniques and I think I found some good ones right here in the forum. I’m getting close to 500 reviews and 99 percent of them are all 5 stars. Most of them I didn’t have to ask for the review. It’s because I’m offering them quality.


Most of my buyers are burnt out already from bad experiences with others in my category by the time they filter down to my gigs, so they look askance at my service too. It’s a tough audience. It takes them a while to realize my gigs are the opposite of the bad ones they’ve previously gotten.