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"not an original image or design" BUG?

Tried to send a support message - 24 hours so far and nothing…

My gig only included a video of MYSELF talking - And it got flagged up for not being an original image - So er… yeah… Maybe there is someone else out there with my FACE! That would be kinda cool, but on a serious side, its costing me money. How long does support usually take to respond? And why would the gig instantly be put into the bin, with the ONLY option being to delete and not edit?

I mean frankly there is nothing to edit, I just made the video, and 2 thumbnails that morning, 100% different than anything seen before.

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You could do a google image search for your gig’s images and see if it finds anything similar. But since you created them you can contact CS and maybe try to get it restored (and don’t know if they can). It can take up to around 10 days for them to respond. I agree it’s not a good way they’ve made to do it if there’s no way to edit it. If it allows you to preview that gig you could copy the details into a new gig, but I’d wait for CS to respond and see if they can restore it.

Is this your first account? Did you have an account before this one?