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'not an original image or design (designers)'


'NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS); Why show this message when I created a gig


Perhaps you are trying to create a gig using images that you did not create.


I’m download images from google, then i edit these photos for fiverr. Is it wrong? @jonbaas


If you are using images that you did not create, then yes, that would appear to be something Fiverr does not like. Why not create your own images, or hire a designer here on Fiverr to create original work for you?


You just answered your own question. You downloaded them from the internet. Even if you edited them that might be a copyright issue.
Just create your original designs and images without downloading it from the internet.


I saw in fiverr there are many seller are using photos which is downloaded from google even they don’t edit that photos. Why fiverr allow them?


It is likely that Fiverr hasn’t caught those sellers yet. If you received a warning not to do something, then it is wise not to do it. Fiverr has stated that they don’t want you to use images on your gig that are not your own. You are, therefore, going to have to use your own images in order to abide by Fiverr’s warning/message.


ok…thank you for your advise


In addition to what @jonbaas said, they might be using images that are free to use for commercial purpose, plus they’re not selling design services.