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Not an original image or design (designers)

I’ve posted a gig, and it got denied! Why? I made it by myself!

From the thread title is sounds like they think the gig image you used wasn’t yours - they probably found an existing image on the web that is very similar or the same. If you created the image you could contact support through the helpdesk and show them that you did, they might then allow the gig. Maybe attach the image source file to the support ticket.


Two possible things:

  1. Error on Fiverr’s side/unfortunately similar to another pic on the website. This is because Fiverr has duplicate detection, and it’s now coming for videos/animations too apparently.
  2. You’re using an image you previously made that you already put on the internet, which someone may have stolen. Run a Google search with that image to see if someone on Fiverr is already using it.

Contact support regardless and provide evidence of #2 if it’s that kind of situation. :slight_smile:

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This is actually an often error I am dealing with, whenever I’m updating my gig. I contacted TC on a multiple occasions and from what I’ve gathered, there is somesort of a system that can automatically deny your gig.

All you have to do, it contact Technical Center and send them originals (source) of your images to prove that you own your own art. TC is really great and supportive. They also respond relatively fast!

Just don’t delete your gig. They will automatically activate it once situation has been resolved. Good luck!

Contact CS (customer service) and ask them why it was denied. Of course, only contact CS AFTER
you see what you did wrong. If you didn’t do anything wrong, then you can contact CS and explain your situation. :wink:

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I have been to send the email to Support, so they answer me the same, thanks! Will try