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Not An Original Image Or Design Gig Denial - Possible Cause?


There have been a few mentions recently of gigs being denied with the reason NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN given.

I had this twice this week, and a ToS warning ’ for offering services that are not allowed in our marketplace’,

Here’s my thinking as to what may be happening - I may be wrong of course.

When you upload a gig image, the system software runs to detect if it’s the same, or possibly very similar, to any image which has been uploaded to the whole system before. However, I think it may be overlooking the fact that users may be uploading thier own images, which may have been uploaded and replaced. So even if a user is uploading an image which is legitimately theirs to use, the system wrongly flags it and the gig is denied.

When my gig was denied after replacing the gig images, I asked CS and they re-reviewed it and reinstated it.
I then panicked as I thought there must be a problem with the gig images and video, so replaced them with ones I’d used previously.
Gig denied again, and received a ToS warning.
Spoke to CS again - gig was reinstated again, but the ToS warning stayed.

I’ve tried asking CS for more information about what caused the warning etc. and I got this:
Your Gig was denied for not having original images. If you did not remove all the images that were not original then it will be denied again. Continuous Gig denials will result in a warning on your account.

I think the definition of the word ‘original’ needs clearing up - it seems as if the images must not only be original to each seller (obviously!), but that you haven’t used them before as they’ll all be in the software system.

Has anybody else had a similar problem?

Added - this user seems to have had.

Gig denied for no reason, and it's weired

I don’t understand why after they allowed the images you changed them again.


Because I’d had the gig denied because of them - I thought there was some sort of problem - well obviously there was otherwise i wouldn’t have had the gig denied.

Why not? It’s my gig and they’re my images - if I want to change them to show different frames from my video why shouldn’t I?


Well you asked about them the first time it was denied and they decided they were OK so considering how tricky this is now why not leave it alone?

It’s not that you’re wrong, it’s that it’s walking on eggshells in some ways now just to get a gig up sometimes.

I dread having to make any changes to my gigs.


They’ve decided they’re alright for a second time, but I’ve still got a ToS warning against me for not doing anything wrong.

And that really encourages sellers? :wink:


I think that whoever does the checking on gigs didn’t realize what happened.


It’s software that’s doing the checking, and it’s not taking into account the fact that yes, similar images may have been used before, but by the same user. The denials etc. are automatically issued.


Or maybe some other seller is using the images that you had. Or maybe they are now on the internet somewhere.


I doubt it - I’m using original images from videos I’ve created.


And I assume you told them that? So you are saying they agreed with you that they were your original images but won’t remove the TOS warning?

So you got two TOS warnings recently? I’m sorry to hear that!


Yes, I did. I offered receipts for all the logos and videos I use. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m trying to offer an explanation as to why the software might be throwing up false positives - not just for me, but for other users in a similar predicament.

I’ve done nothing wrong, and never would.


And I was thinking of using some previous images. I won’t do it now, thanks.

But still it sounds like CS is not understanding you did nothing wrong and should remove the TOS warning.


It was only when I came to re-use my images which had previously been used without any problem that I got any form of warning, so yep


Only the one, which is one too many of course. :slightly_smiling_face:


It could be it’s detecting the previous images you already used or possibly if they have something (like an API to google’s reverse image search?) that finds similar images on the web? I don’t know if it could give a number for how similar they are to existing images or just show them there are existing images on the web similar to those.

It could be a bug if it’s taking okay images and flagging them as not original eg. if it’s flagging because you already used that image before. Maybe report it as a bug? Until it’s fixed I’d probably be careful about changing images/gig videos and make sure that any images/preview frames are as different as needed from previously used ones.


Yes - that’s my thinking.

I just thought I’d ask if anyone else had had the same issue first in case it was just me before I reported it, not that there’d be much point in reporting it anyway. :wink:


This is really annoying!

Did you actually asked them to remove your warning? Even if they gave you generic answer first time try to reach out again with a screenshots where they admired that it was a mistake and that the warning should be removed



Yes. I’ve closed the ticket - it was pointless.

Trying to get a straight answer to a straight question was nigh on impossible. If it’s this difficult to get gig images etc. sorted, how difficult will ID verification be?


I just saw another poster who has both his gig images exact copies of other sellers images. At the bottom of his gig, where they recommend other seller’s gigs, there is the same image only it’s from a different seller.


I didn’t say this was Gospel - I asked if it was a possibility.

It may only happen when you edit a gig, not when it’s first published, or of course I could be talking complete nonsense, which is more than likely.

I’m not a he BTW. :slightly_smiling_face:


I know you aren’t but I forget things when I’ve been awake all night like now.