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Not angry enough to rant, but still midly annoyed :p


I’m aware that a lot of people have complained about the response rate going down,
mine has gone down here and there in the past even though I made sure to reply to all
of the messages ( including spam).
This morning I woke up and noticed it has gone down to 83%.
I think it was 92% or so yesterday. I have no idea why it went under 100 in the first place though.

This is the first time it has gone below 90, so I am getting a biiiiiiiiit worried.
Has anybody experiences any kind of problems after their response rate dropped?

If it has no negative effect it’s OK, but since I have managed to keep it to 100% all this time,
it is rather annoying to see that number :stuck_out_tongue:


I caught that bug early on, my rate is in the 80s ever since. I didn´t bother yet to ask CS to reset it, because I read too often that it will revert to being buggy soon anyway. I can´t tell if it has any negative effect I don´t know of of course, but at least it doesn´t do anything I´m aware of to me, incidentally today earlier I thought of that bug again for the first time in a while and… last post :wink:
You learn to live with it, I don´t even know anymore what my rate is, I guess my brain deselects it, when my eyes scan it by now…


Same here. Response rate in the 80s even though I reply to every shit immediately.


I’m curious, when it goes down, have you also received an order and not updated or acknowledge it and 24 hours pass? I feel like when my response rate dropped once, it coincidentally happened right as 24 hours passed and I hadn’t acknowledged a new order that came in-- when I had always done this for every single order (I was just busy and didn’t have time to let them know I’ve received it).
I only say this because I have never missed responding to new inbox messages, so it couldn’t be that. Or, maybe just a good ol bug in the system.


Same thing happened with me. I contacted CS and it was resolved within an hour.


Mine goes down by itself all the time. if I don’t get any messages and I’ve just had CS reset mine, it will still drop to 97-98% within a day or two. That’s with no messages to respond to and no orders. If I am getting messages and respond to them between 1 minute and 23 hours, my response route usually bounces between 85-99. So, most of the time mine stays in that range because I usually answer things before the 24th hour. Doesn’t matter if I respond to all of them within a few minutes or not.

If I actually miss messages or go longer than 24 hours, it starts to tank faster. I’ve seen it as low as 50% based on 3 spam messages that were blocked and couldn’t be unmarked. I also eventually stopped asking CS to reset it unless it goes lower than 80%, and only then because it bothers me more.

On the up side, I let mine site at 60 something for a week or two during a big mess of messages. It did not affect my search ranking or anything else that I could tell visibly. It just looked scary. As long as it doesn’t affect me, I plan to continue to mostly ignore it. I don’t see any sign of a fix headed our way.


does it really matter?


I’m not sure why they can’t repair it.


Support said it doesn’t have any effect on anything and only you can see it. So basically useless numbers.


The response rate bug has to do with the auto spam control by Fiverr. When the spam is detected and blocked, the action does not add a flag to the response rate.

So, in layman’s terms, the spam bot is the reason for the demise of your response rate. And yes, it is a another bug.


So I guess the rate doesn’t matter in the end.
Pardon if I sound like a snob, but I’m used to seeing that "100,"
I simply expect it to stay like that.
It’s good to know that it doesn’t have a negative effect though, I’ll just leave it and hopefully
someday it will go back to 100. If it doesn’t, I’ll just ignore it :slight_smile:
Thx everyone!


It happened to me once, even though I had responded to all messages within 24 hours. I sent a message to CS, they reset it for me. It does negatively affect search traffic. I noticed that my gig traffic fell drastically when my response rate was less than 90%. When the CS reset it to reflect the accurate number, the traffic and buyer messages picked up.