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Not another boring sunday.. GOT A TOP RATED SELLER BADGE!


Hi there!
Woke up this morning with a notification that I am officially a Top Rated Seller now in Graphic design(Logo and Branding). Thought I was dreaming :sweat_smile:. Never had one before so I’m very excited!
Got it after 3+ years working here on Fiverr!
MEGAHAPPY!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Dreams Come True!
All The Very Best


Congrats! I am still stucked at Level 2 :disappointed_relieved:

Any ideas why did they chose to make you a Top seller this month/advices?


Thank you hmathir!


Thanks retouchstudio1!
-Keep your stats consistent, deliver on time and other stuff. Been keeping them same since I started here.
-Tweak your description(keep it error free), tweak your keywords.
-Make your gig images HD, blurry images are not professional.
-And as you know, always be professional with your clients, even when they are not professional with you.

Hope this helps atleast a bit.


Welcome My Brother :heart_eyes:


Congrat’s & Best of luck,:clap:


congratulation !!!


Congratulations milan


Congratulations, Milan! :partying_face:




I’m so happy for you. From the looks of your fantastic logos, it is apparent fiverr does have a keen eye for excellence. And to do that in the logo category too! Congratulations!

I see it took four years for this reward so it took a while, which is not unusual.


Congrats, Milan! Me too! :raised_hand: :five: Well, in Translation, not Graphic Design, but anyway, and I ran with my phone in hand to the laptop to double check because I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming either (and look at my user name! :grin:).


@miiila I was thinking you already were a TRS. Congratulations to you! :+1:


@milanmanojlovic, @miiila, congratulations to both of you! Awesome news!


High five @miiila :partying_face: congraats


You deserve a separate thread :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all @misscrystal BIG thanks for such a kind words! Means a lot to me!

There was quite more downs than ups lately and this sure made my day :grin::partying_face:

What boosts my self-esteem is that I managed to get the TRS in such a crowded category and this will keep me delivering my customers even better work.

Again, BIG thanks!


Congratulations! I’ll be eligible next month :slight_smile:


Congratulations …