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Not as much traffic anymore

Hello! I have been a part of Fiverr for over a year now and have had a pretty good time with getting people to buy my gigs. I would have had at least 10 emails per week asking if I could help someone with music for whatever they needed. This has however came to a serious stop in the last two weeks - regardless of hunting through ‘buyers requests’ etc, I’ve had no luck of gaining any business. Is there something I’m missing here? Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?



This is an issue being experience by many sellers. Please keep in mind, though, you have the ability to bring in your own traffic as well. Don’t be afraid to get out there into the world, reach out to your target customers, and tell them about your gig services.

Fiverr is not responsible for being your only source of customers. In fact, Fiverr even states that they don’t guarantee sales for anyone. To be successful, you’ll have do more than sit and wait for on-site sales. As Fiverr grows and becomes more competitive, on-site sales are going to become less and less likely.

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Thanks for the reply! In your own experiences, which are the best ways in which you reach out to an audience beyond Fiverr? Do you direct traffic from your own site, etc?


The ways and strategies that I have chosen to market and promote my gigs won’t necessarily be the same for you. I can’t tell you the specifics of what I do to market my gigs, but I can encourage you to pursue a process to figure out what those ways might be for you and your services.

To start, figure out who your target customers are. You are the people – the group of people – that specifically need your services. Those are the only people that will purchase your services, and should, therefore, be the people you target with ALL of your marketing.

Once you know who these people are, do some research to figure out where they reside. Where can they be found (online and off)? Where do they hang out? Where do they go when they are looking for the kinds of services that you offer?

Then, combine everything you have discovered above. Go to where those people are, and tell them about the services you offer. Don’t spam them, though. Get to know them. Become of value to them. By doing so, you are offering them solutions to the problems your services exist to correct.

Be creative in your marketing. Blog about your services and draw in those target customers to your blog posts. Find forums where these people talk about what you offer, and become part of the conversations (again, do NOT spam… participate. Become of value to the conversations). Connect with these customers on social media. Purchase ad space where they people can be found. Attend trade shows. Post helpful how-to videos about your services on Youtube…

The marketing possibilities are endless. The trick, though, is to choose the marketing possibilities that match your target customers. If you’re not targeting those customers, you’re not pursuing effective, productive marketing. Reach out to the people need what you offer. It will be extremely challenging and hard work most of the time, and you will need to be persevering and patient. Marketing success will NOT happen quickly. But when done right, it can be extremely rewarding.

Being in business as a freelancer is not easy. But it can be profitable – if you’re willing to work hard to reach your success goals. Don’t give up, but don’t expect immediate results either.


I do notice something peculiar, though… you don’t have any active gigs, nor does it appear that you’ve had any sales or earned any reviews. In addition, you have not filled out your seller profile. If you’ve been selling your services here on Fiverr up until about two weeks ago… where are your gigs?


@danielmorgan you can follow Jonbaas Advise. I also follow him through

That’s extremely weird! I’ve been a part of Fiverr for over a year now and have had plenty of sales. I’ll check out what’s going on now - thanks for flagging that up!

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It’s alright - your account is danielmorgan_ - it’s a forum thing so the _doesn’t show, so we would all think your username is danielmorgan which has no gigs! Don’t panic! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I’m seeing it as well. Have been here for 6 years soon, and there is a diffrence in impressions. But like many have said, you can remedy that by getting your own traffic to your gigs, or even better, a blog that promotes your gigs.

Hmm. That’s quite confusing. :slight_smile:

So “danielmorgan” was taken, and he went with “danielmorgan_” instead? Confusing indeed.

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Last 2 weeks were the summer vacation in the maximum country of the world, So there were less works than before in every sector I think.
But now the vacation has ended already and clients will have visited your profile and order you as well. You can also boost up your sell by sharing your GIG’s in the social media like facebook,twitter,linkdin etc.
So No worries. You will be back in action soon.
Happy Freelancing :slight_smile:

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Hello, we’ve been talking about this on the forum for the past month at least. I’ve been here over four years and this is the first time sales have gone way down and stayed down.

No one knows exactly why aside from something about the algorithm nor does anyone know what to do to regain their previous level of sales that I’m aware of.

I remain hopeful fiverr will resume it’s previous smooth operation of delivering sales and impressions to those of us who have proven ourselves over time. We have always been able to count on fiverr operating like a well oiled machine.