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Not assigned a top level

Hello dear friends.
Health and good luck to you and your families.

I have a question.

I’ve been on Feverr for almost three years.
I really like Fiverr.
I recently completed all the requirements to reach the Top Level.
But Fiverr don’t assign it to me.

Who has the experience to reach the Top level?
What else needs to be done besides reaching all the requirements for Top level?

Thanks everyone and good luck to you!
With best regards.


The truth is that Fiverr manually chooses Top Rated Sellers. I was one for 5 years, and then I lost it just because I had surgery, so I was forced to cancel a bunch of orders. I believe I might not be a TRS again, and that’s because they always pick you manually.

I recommend not to expect anything regarding the TRS level. If it arrives, great, but there are tens of thousands of level 2 sellers here that could become a TRS every month, yet they never do.


Thank you for your answer!

You are not alone.

If you type “why not TRS” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


Hello opreston,

Top rated level is totally hand picked & there is no specific procedure. After completing all eligibility requirements, all you need to do is,

  1. Maintain your quality work
  2. Provide maximum out of buyers’ expectations
  3. Maintain profile scores

They will review your profile after few months. :slight_smile:

Most of Top Rated Sellers (incuding me) had to wait at least 6 months to get TRS, after completing all top rated requirements. But it’s not limited to 6 months.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your answer!!

Thank you for your answer!

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