Not Being Able to Change Username



I joined fiverr forum 2 days ago and somehow my username appears to have 1 after my original Fiverr username. How do i change that? I cannot edit the username in preference under settings. Help please.



The fiverr forum uses single sign on for ease of use. This means your username on the forum is the same as your fiverr account and cannot be changed.

Having the same username is preferential so you can easily be found and identified on the main site - a good way to also see your gigs



The thing is, his forum username isn’t the same as his Fiverr username. His Fiverr username doesn’t have “1” at the end.

Could it be a bug?


I will relay this. It’s possible he has changed his email address since his initial account was created on the forum, then during the move it didn’t sync and created the new variation with the 1


I would LOVE to be able to change my username!


Yes, i did change my email address once in the beginning. Shouldn’t i have done that?


Thanks rikesh_shrestha1, we’ll look into it!


Thanks, please let me know if it could be changed or not. I want my username on the forum to be same as my fiverr account.


Hi, i was wondering how much time it might take to correct my username. Should i do something, please tell me.


Still looking into it. Response times are slower due to the holidays. Thanks for your patience!


@mjensen415 I know it’s not as simple to just change your Fiverr username, but it would be so awesome if Fiverr added a way to update your fiverr business username to something more appropriate considering what the service being sold is. I started here on Fiverr when I was in College in 2010 and I wish I had chosen something more clear. It would be great if you can change the username and have the system redirect the old username to the new! A lot to ask, but I really believe Fiverr sellers would love this!