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Not being promoted :(


Hi people! i am in a very big trouble, i have 88 orders completed,100 % rating and almost have 2 months stay on fiverr, but unfortunately i am not promoted to level 1 yet. when i ask customer support they told me i have 18 cancelled orders and that is the reason. that’s fine… but i want to know what is the actual formula which calculates the ratings to promote people (basically i want to know how much more orders i need to complete to cover up the 18 cancelled orders), i am really fed up, buyer comes to me and ask quotations (i am a web developer basically) they seems happy on my pricing (usually starts from $150) but they never return… (because they dont want to waste their time by purchasing my gig 30 times)… i have no sales… 100% disappointed… can any one tell me how much more orders i need to complete (so i get a motivation)?




Welcome to Fiverr and thank you for posting and participating. Unfortunately there is no set forumla on how to “level up” As Customer Support stated since you have cancelled gigs that is what has prevented you leveling up. Concetrate on completing orders and also marketing your gig(s) on the social websites and other avenues. If you keep up the momentum then in time you positives orders will out number your cancelled orders. Thank you again and keep up posted on your progess and experience here on Fiverr.

shahidraheem said: can any one tell me how much more orders i need to complete (so i get a motivation)?

It's unfortunate that the only option for new sellers is that buyers have to purchase their gigs many times to get a bigger 'gig', but that is how it works. I'd suggest you look at ways to offer smaller jobs, that you can actually sell for $5 - that is after all, what Fiverr is supposed to be.

Look for ways to break your $150 gig into several smaller ones - just be sure that they are significantly different in description (otherwise Fiverr will not allow it and may reject all of your gigs.) Once you can actually offer $5 gigs you will start to make sales and then you will level up and be able to make bigger projects easier for buyers to purchase with "gig extras". Best of luck!


maybe you just need to take your talent to a higher level… keep your fiverr work at fiverr and up-scale elsewhere…or lower your standards.