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Not do this when you are too late (Tip for seller)

Hi there, I hope you are all safe from covid 19.

Today I checked the spam folder in my inbox using the filter option. Unfortunately, I have one message in it, received 9 days ago from a client. The message was “Hello”

I unmarked it and replied. After this, my response time flies from 1 hour to 61 hours. :sob: :sob:

I suggest you, never reply like me. May this tip help in the future.
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If you didn’t reply it, your response rate will be decrease.
You should keep reply it even it make your response time decrease.

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You should create some quick responses for situations like that - and respond as soon as you see the message. Just say something friendly – that encourages the buyer to leave you a more detailed message. Something like:

“Hi there! Thanks for connecting. If there is anything specific you would like to know about my gig, feel free to ask.
Take care!”

Done! You have left a response - and now the ball is in their court. If they DON’T get back to you, that’s okay - because you have already responded, so your response rate won’t be affected negatively.


Don’t worry. As soon as quick response anyone on fiverr then it will be good.


Sure. Before replying my response time was 1 hour but decrease after reply.

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Thanks for encouraging!

Actually, you could contact customer support about this. They should be able to verify that your actual response time isn’t 60+ hours, and that you unmarked a message without knowing this would happen, just to see if it was spam or not. They might be able to reset your response time. Since the message was already marked as spam by the system, it might be a way around this by contacting support :slight_smile:


Hmm, you are right. Thanks :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much for your words :heart:

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Just took a SS and Contact Customer Support and Explain them about your problem and wait for there response.
I think they give you a Solution.
Thank You

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Thanks for your kinds words.

Damn! Sorry about that. Thanks for sharing to warn us

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ha ha ha bad luck brother :laughing:

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oof. That is rough. I’m sorry!

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Thanks alright, @barrelofmonkeys

Dear friend @ndesign32

Thanks for sharing TIPS

Happy earning!

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This is sad for you.check everyday your spam box. It will be a good lesson for new comers.

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yes I also experienced that when I was new but I contacted to the customer care and they guided me very well and properly about why it happens and resolve the issue promptly . So if you haven’t contacted them ,then it is suggested to let them know about this issue ASAP.

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Now a days I’m working same way as you said. @mehedi_shawon

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Most of the new sellers not checking spam folder. Even I had the same problem in starting.

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