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Not earning correct amount of funds when cleared?

I recently with the new Fiverr layout that I have noticed this happen 3 times already…

Lets say 2 people made an order on a gig & adding extra gig options to that said order…in total it will be $12 after the deductions and such a piece. That equals out to $24ish…well I know they mentioned to be before on the revenues page it will only say you earn $4 when really it should say $12 on the revenues page for both orders…they said that extras take a few more days to pend or something along that line but still its irritating…Why not just say what you learn instead of giving you a confusing wrong number…?

Anywho…so I waited and waited to see these payments clear to see if I get the full amount and what do ya know, I only got $12 for BOTH orders?! That is not right D8 This happened more than once and so frustrated…even waited an extra week to see if the other order was just not showing up and still nothing…I contacted Fiverr 3 times already with no response even tried via facebook!

Is anyone else having this stressful issue?

  • Samantha

Hello bacha85 ^-^

Yes I tried contacting several times with no avail =/ Even tried facebook. For some reason recently I cant get back onto the customer support inquiry page to submit another help ticket and the page goes white =/ I’ll click on the link that you sent to see if it gives me a better result. Thanks!

SImilar problem here…
I had an order which was $40 and I had to earn $32, but in revenues it shows as $28.
What is the problem?