Not Enough Information


What do you do with buyers who are very vague in their directions and then unhappy when you can’t read their mind? I have a buyer who wants longer content on a product description but won’t actually tell me anything new about the project.



Offer them a 30-day deadline extension and explain how you’ll complete the work as soon as you receive instructions. I’m sure that’ll speed them up!


I’ve had people like that before, I usually give them one chance to explain what they want, when they fail to do so, I politely tell them why I can’t help them and ask for a cancellation.


Some people literally have no idea what they want to do. They start with a smaller task and persist on adding things on the top of that small task. At last, they end up with a bad review or order cancellation. I’ve gone through such cases in which five days task became a month-long task.


Oh, that’s so irritating! I’ve never had it that bad.


If a buyer is not giving the information, is it the fault of a seller? As you said to cancel the order and you might be aware that the cancellation of orders will affect the business, sellers gig, etc.


I think it depends on the gig. This one ended up with 4.3 rating, which was sort of annoying, but I got my eights bucks and an OK rating. If it was longer or more difficult, it would probably be worth it to me to cancel, depending on how ridiculous the buyer was being.


There are buyers ( as I have created a post) came here to steal/to take the ideas as I am in the desiging field, buyers orders on the basic package just to get the design idea and after that refuses by saying refund me. One of them said directly now I will do this by myself and when I refunded, he sent me a message “if I can not design how much you will charge for the source file.”


So they’re canceling the order after you deliver? Wow, that is so unethical! I’m sorry. You need to report that.


Something similar but totally different happened to me yesterday. I got 2 cancellations at the exact time from 2 different buyers. Apparently this people think that I am a magician and can read their minds. I asked for 10 requirements a buyer provides 2 :confused: Am I supposed to pull the other 8 out of my magic rabbit hat? The other buyer provided 5 out of 20. Then all of a sudden I get a cancellation notice. dfgjhjfjhbhjvjvbuvhuft (note that this is an actual word and it’s pronounced like dfgjhjfjhbhjvjvbuvhuft ). I can’t help but feel like this buyers were upto no good.


You are right. There are some who think that a seller is like a magician, one of them replied when I asked some questions related to the project “you have to know” I was shocked. How should we deal like those?