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Not enough orders received

I didn’t get enough orders…I’ve got a few…but then I’ve tried the buyer request option and updating my gigs description on a often basis…but still I’m not getting an order. What to do? Please help

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Hi, You need to optimize your gig Tittle and Descriptions SEO friendly and share your gig social media, hopefully you will get great results.

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I’ve optimised my gig titles and also the descriptions for the gigs are to the point…and I’m consistently shareing them on social handles.

You have to do hard work every day to get an order. In freelance career The most important thing is Patience. So, keep this in mind.

I know that sir. I’m very much patient and also work hard on the order i get. And i have been sitting around here for past 2-3 months… that’s why I’ve come here for a solution.

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When you update the gig. Its means you need more time rank new things on gig. So during low business never update the gig

You have the solution. Just think about what you have done to get the order when you first start your freelance career. Rewind those things.

It is not wise to update your gig frequently. You should optimize your gig and describe your services properly. Also, create a nice gig gallery that also expresses your services.

Try to add gigs about different services. Once your gig gets the higher rank you will get orders.

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If you optimized your gig title and descriptions still don’t get enough order so you need to check your Gig Performance how much impressions, click and view. If you see here is enough view still you can’t get enough order then you need to modify your descriptions might buyers don’t choose your services for that reason you don’t get enough order. Note: if you update gig descriptions gig rank going down so be careful.

Actually, a lot of things to get enough order.

I’m not changing it that much frequently…I’ve updated the gig gallary today…with some better images describing my offers

Optimize your gig title and description and make them SEO friendly. Share Social media and find targeted buyer.