Not enough sells


I have only 3 sells. this sells are long days ago.
i apply all my known tips.
do you have any suggestion?
how can i improve my GIGs?

my account


Your call is important to us. :telephone_receiver: Please wait and someone will be here to assist you shortly…


Its okay. Slow and steady wins the race. Keep trying sending buyer requests and have patience.

@djgodknows Just received your call. :stuck_out_tongue:




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I am a :robot: Robot answering machine, I do not answer calls.

Off Topic

I need a meme for this. :smirk:


You just need to have a little patience…as you gather more sales, more sales will come your way. But that is a long and not so steady process, so try for now to apply to Buyer Requests as often as possible :slight_smile:


thanks. please help me to upgrade my profile