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Not enough time for custom orders

I’m having a bit of trouble with a custom order I would like to accept. I do some ghostwriting and my biggest gig is for 10,000 words in 21 days. I have someone wanting 30,000 words and I’m trying to create a custom order for them, but the time option only goes to 30 days. I can’t do 30,000 words in 30 days and get it back to them on time. I am telling the client 45 days. I need to know how to get this done. Do I just send one for 30 days, with the understanding I will ask for an additional 15 days later on?

Fiverr does not allow orders that go longer than 30 days. You will not be able to do the work for the client as described. My best advice would be to either set the order up in steps, or convince the client to accept fewer words in a shorter time span.

you can see in custom offers that time limit is max 30 days. order might not exceed max limit. you can break you order into pieces by mutual coordination.