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I am quite new on fiverr and I made 2 gigs 10 days ago, I thought that i will get buyers, but not even 1. I got 60 impressions but no one hired me. I made a gig about translation. I will translate 900 words from English to romanian and viceversa. And the other sellers did like 300 words, but everyone hired them. I am a serious person when is about working and I will not dissapoint people because I read the translation like 5 times before giving it to the buyer. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

First of all, address what buyers need. Your Tagline and description should be customer-oriented.
Don’t tell them that you need money or stuff like that. Tell them that you are good translator and proficient in delivering quality services. As a translator, its irrelevant that You are in High School or in university. What matter is your bilingual proficiency (if you have).
Moreover, Its hard to get first buyer on fiverr. Go through the forum to get tips.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Also, go through the gig of other sellers with same services. Observe what they have written and offered which appeal the buyers. (Don’t copy them) just get idea and work on what and how you should offer. No one is concerned with where you live or what is your status, So focus on services what you offer.
I started my freelancing journey when i was 18. (Not counting other forums) I got my first order/project after one and a half month.

you need a buyer! Well then you have to promote your gig on facebook, twitter etc. Perhaps you should offer more gigs

  • be professional, think professional, act professional, and don’t say i need money!!!
  • be online
  • see every time if there is anyone who is asking for the same services that you provide in the bayers requests page
  • be the first to replay to the buyer request.
  • download the fiverr app
  • see what others offer and how!
  • and don’t judge your self, let the buyers judge you


Eduard - I do not understand what you are selling.

As a buyer, I like to see samples posted on the seller’s site of previous work or at least a thorough write up of what he/she is offering. You should post something you already did for someone/self/friend as an example. ** Just a suggestion **

I should post a photo of a translation? That is weird.

Since the OP has continued posting repeatedly and the repeat posts and profile do not indicate real interest in a serious seller account, all the other posts were combined in the Ranting Pot.

To the OP: Your profile right now does not show professionalism as can be seen here:

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