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Not everything is for $5 raise your budget [ARCHIVED]

If you are here on Fiverr because you can get services cheaper then you are thinking it wrong, The benefit of Fiverr is that you can test a freelancer just for $5 then proceed with your project regardless of the fact that services are being sold here for $5.

You cannot get $10 worth of work for $5. Even if you do this means the quality won’t be that good.
Also in case of Custom Web development for $5 you will only get a piece of some quality work.

So make sure when you inbox a seller and get a quote for custom work you are ignoring the fact that you are in $5 market.


I’m totally agree with you, because I’m trying to do a best product I can but sometimes there is a buyers who are very problematic and the time I spend is just a waste of time because they just want too many revisions like change the color no I like another let’s see how it will with square no just change it to circle and there is a time I’m spending just for nothing and getting for that just $5 I think people need to understand if you need quality work to be done by steps and by many revision and be unique with creative mind designer to do this just need to pay more it will be cheaper anyway because if they pay $100 for a logo it’s cheap I mean for a good unique logo not a 3 sort clipart which is used most of designers with no any taste and feeling of beauty in my country if you order a logo in design bureau it will cost at least $10000, I’m always just shout about that the quality has it’s price, the burger with coke can’t be the same price as my 8 days thinking and working just need to be respect mode the people need be more respectable to each other, respect the work they are doing I’m sure that everybody brings best they can and it need to be rewarded some times to keep motivated, my sales now are very low but I’m doing a quality work I look and see there is a NOdesigner who has many orders and doing bad work awful design with no understanding the basics it’s demotivate me I’m getting demotivated but I can’t design bad it’s principal for me to do better than others I like to be first in my work but what to do when the people didn’t value? I think there is need some changes which will help buyers find the real professionals and they will know that they need to pay a little more but they will get professionally done work like apple and microsoft, Apple is make high designed and qualitative product but it’s a little bit higher at price for individuals and microsoft makes things for every one with any soul in design thank you for reading my thoughts and sorry if there is too many words just words of my heart

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I felt this was very much needed!! Sometime buyers and consumers forget everything has a value. $5.00 will get you a great sample, but anything someone truly wants added in has to pay value price. Nice post!

i can definitely agree.

I agree. You get what yo pay for.

man im am totally different I am very clear to people if they want better quality you need to purchase more I cant remember the last time I got payed $5. But I am far from making a living on this site so I guess im biased as I don’t rely on it anymore for my rent. I don’t even know how anyone can say I deliver same quality for $50 or $500. When I get big jobs like that I almost always upgrade equipment, do 20x more takes ect…

Reply to @bachas85: Amen sister!


Don’t get me started on this, I’m dealing with a right awkward customer at the moment, , he wants the earth for $5.00, some folks just take the mickey bad style!

It’s so sad. I’m dealing with this myself. He wants 4 voiceovers for $5 when my gig states 1 phrase only. Now he want’s to cancel and threaten to leave negative feedback.

@techychic - My understanding is that during a mutual cancellation the buyer and seller are unable to leave feedback (positive or negative). I’ve had to cancel two different orders and I’ve never been given the option to leave feedback nor have I received any from the buyer.

Reply to @sjthefox: The problem is that there is a buyers who want to get the products for free and they are asking too many modifications or just simple telling they didn’t like you already send him the product but he wants it for free so he threaten to leave negative review, I already canceled 24 orders.

Thanks so much for this topic :slight_smile:


I think it varies for different gigs. I have tried to create my gigs around small projects that I really can do for just $5.

But I understand what you’re saying here–sometimes people want to buy a huge amount of work for $5, and it’s just unreasonable.


It is true you can’t get the world for $5, but sometimes I noticed buyers get extremely upset and it’s really hard to try and explain that to them. But glad to see some buyers understand the process and how hard it is to offer a great value for $5

Reply to @tudnofilms:

This attitude comes from certain “internet marketing” forums out there where scammers who call themselves “warriors” try to use Fiverr as slave labor, and harm the reputation of sellers who won’t cave to their demands.

@daansutherland I don’t care who you are; that is funny! =)) Sounds like our forum sheriff needs a vacation!

The site is called fiverr for a reason. If you don’t want to sell for five bucks, create a site called …Fifteener.

Reply to @prettykittyeyes: People here want to say that for 5$ buyers will get product which cost is 5$ or ok 50$ but not 500$ sometimes buyers want more and didn’t understand that they pay only 5$, when people are buying a car they don’t pay for opel and get ferrari they pay for opel and they need to understand that for ferrai you need pay more

bachas85 said: Well that's a fruit salad,

The frustration that I run into as a buyer is that the gig description says what is delivered for $5 but the ‘small print’ says only a fraction of what is described will be delivered. For instance: “5 Page Wordpress Site for $5” is later described as 'wordpress installation for $5, each page is $5, so a 5 page wordpress site is now $30.

It’s not about whether I’m asking the for $30 of work for $5, it’s that the seller is baiting me into their gig with wrong information.