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Not Expecting Anything


Hi, started yesterday. I’m not expecting this to go anywhere other than maybe some spur of the moment buyer spending 5 bucks or two in the next year.

Would it be ok to offer free promotional work here?



you’d have a better chance if you didn’t state "doodle, or something, I dunno"
Take it seriously and promote it and it can work.


Bad start… I can see your boat already sinking before the water gets in…


I don’t know. When Fiverr won’t even list your gigs or name in their search engine until you’ve made a sale, I don’t expect much from them either.


So I take it I shouldn’t be on here if I’m too depressed.

Edit: Sorry, wrong reply button.


Not gonna lie, very discouraged, I just want to offer free art and hope to cheer someone up a little.


go to deviant art if you want to showcase free art.


So you expect Fiverr to do everything for you, so you can sit and make $$ on internet with no effort…
I don’t think you believe the featured ones are there just because of luck…
Fiverr gives you the place, it’s you who has to work hard to make it move…


I knew you would say that. No, thank you.

I want to offer promotional art to replace the ones that were lost so I can create better gigs. I figure I could just whip something up, but it would be better to offer it to someone who would normally pay and help them save a dime.


If you have a real talent you can make it on Fiverr.

Your current gigs don’t showcase much.
The video thumnail is white - why would someone click on your gig?

Again, if you’re really talented, why don’t you showcase some of your artwork? Your current imagery doesn’t represent what you plan on doing - if you do that.

Take it seriously - there are people making 10 figures a year on Fiverr! It’s all about your motivation.

Best of luck!


Thank you for the kind advice.

I didn’t realize the video thumbnail was white, I’ll work on editing it, now.

Most of my work was lost and I wanted to offer promotional work and then spruce up the gigs when I have a good amount to showcase.

I didn’t realize how much Fiverr disliked free, sorry guys.

Edit: Not being sarcastic at the end just to clarify, sorry.


Don’t be sorry! :wink:

  • On the video page of your gig you can set a thumbnail at any point of the video.
  • We can’t offer “Free” services on Fiverr because Fiverr won’t make any money :wink:
  • Maybe try to create something new for your Fiverr images? Maybe Fiverr’s logo?


Ah thank you, but I wanted to fix the video up a bit more anyway.

And thank you for addressing the “free” thing, it’s why I asked in the first post, because I read that in the terms of service and I wanted to be sure.

Also, the logo idea is fantastic idea, thank you very much!


No, I never said Fiverr should do everything. But for 20% of the take they should at least list newbies in the search engine. I sell books on Amazon and they not only list the books but allow authors to set up a profile page, which btw is included in their search engine. Amazon believes in aiding their authors. Unfortunately, I don’t see that same level of consideration with Fiverr.


There is a whole place for “New arrivals” on every category. Besides, you get 10 daily offers to send on Buyers Request, you can share your Gigs somewhere else to get more exposure, etc, etc, etc…
If Amazon does what you’ve said, how many sales did that bring to you?
Do you do statistics and see the results?
By the fact that you are here, I believe Amazon is not doing a good job, does it?
That’s because of “the job” should be made by you, to get your business growing up. Nobody will give you any gift, instead you have to work to get what you wish… exactly like in any other normal business.


Take a round turn on your Gig names. When I read your Gig Title I feel like you are not confident in what you are selling as a seller, which is a little contradictory. Keep it simple, clean, and exact. Good Luck :slight_smile:


I appreciate your input! I never intended on keeping that as a real gig. I wasn’t sure what to do, since most of my art I stored on a flash drive is now gone, but now I’m roughing some logo ideas to replace it.


Backup is the God of us designers…

…pray with me brother…


I get the impression from your posts that accepting and seeking help is a bit of a complex.


I feel you there. I am here trying to help my dad to continue his dream of making art, unfortunately he is 65 years old and he never stored any of his pieces, so I have been running around trying to contact old friends of the family to take pictures of his art work so I can show case them on here. The best thing about being an artist though is no matter where the art goes you still maintain the gift to make more :slight_smile: