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NOT FAIR! CS cancelled the order without consulting

Hello everyone,

I am sharing this weird experience first time since i joined Fiverr. I don’t exactly understand how fiverr team manage to deal with the order.
I completed the order days back and now suddenly Fiverr cancelled that order without any consultation with me or any message or notification. Now when i asked they replied that they got a complaint regarding a low quality of the delivery. I am not understanding the thing that if the delivery is of low quality then why buyer does not open any dispute and contacted cs directly after so many days of completing the order. And if it is like so Fiverr can send any notification or message or i can had a conversation with the buyer regarding this. What is the sense of cancelling it when the buyer received the original copy of the delivery.

Its not about $5, the thing is that is not fair to cancel any order without any prior notification or message to seller. I actually dont understand the reason behind this which is bothering me so much that what is the use of we do not have any authorities for the order and its all about the buyer and CS.

I don’t know how they cancelled an order due to low quality of the delivery because the choices are different from person to person. So that was not fair at all.

However, keep in mind to not delivery the source files until the buyer is confirmed the artwork.

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The order was completed long days before and the buyer must have the original file now for which he ordered because the watermark gets removed after the completion of the order.

If possible, find out if the buyer is using your work anyway, take screenshots and send them to support.

If not, I’d ask for them to give me something less vague than “low quality” from the buyer.
Anyone who wants to get away with free work can claim “low quality”? That can’t be it. If they can tell that something is low quality, they must also be able to say in a more concrete and objective way what’s wrong with it.

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Its was a print file so i don’t know if i would be able to find the work online. I agree…There must be genuine reason for this…This is just a fake reason for cancellation but the thing is why fiverr team did this because ultimately it will a loss for fiverr as well.