Not finding anything on Buyers' Requests


After around a month on Fiverr, sending offers on the Buyers requests every so often I got my first order. I completed it well and got a 5 star rating. I was ecstatic believing my sales will shoot up. But, nothing. From 90+ requests the tag shows me no more than 50 and most of them are beyond my services. Kinda sucks. :confused: Has anyone experienced something similar?


You should never expect Buyers Requests to be your only source of sales. As much as I hate to say this, you’re not going to become a successful seller on Fiverr from offers in the Buyer’s Request section. It’s just not going to happen.

Take some time, instead, to promote your gigs elsewhere on the internet, social media, wherever your target customers are located. YOU need to take responsibility for your own success. And that’s going to take hard work on a daily basis.

Don’t expect Fiverr to make you successful.


If you have sent 90 offers and got no orders from it then you might need to look at how you send offers. I have a success rate of around 25% with buyer requests.

I send personalized messages that relate directly to their request. If you are using a template or a cut and paste then it might be time to change.

If you are customizing each one then try something different. Make your work stand out. As a rule, if there are 20+ offers already on a request then I sail past and look for another.

Keep on trying something new and you’ll find the formula for your success.