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Not finding much success


My gigs never get any views. None, top views one of my gig has 8. I can only show them to my facebook friends so much before it’s just annoying spam. Any ideas?


I recommend you add videos to all your gigs. I find that videos increase your chance on landing the front page and getting more noticed!


Hi @marklbryan,

I think I got my first order after 1 or 2 months of being on Fiverr. Maybe you should try promoting yourself on Facebook, Twitter or on your (or your friends’) blog.

Also, consider offering something that people need. Use your imagination/talents/skills.

I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, but just about anyone can cut out letters from papers and magazines or set plushies on fire.

Also, you could be more trustworthy (especially with your “I will help you get better at talking to women” gig, since you should be able to prove to the potential buyers that you ARE a confident guy who knows what he’s doing) if you posted videos presenting your gigs. Really, once I posted my presentation video, I didn’t immediately get orders, but people started viewing my gig and messaging me with questions. That’s a good start.

Good luck with your sales!




I can promote ur gig on

this will increase ur gig traffic a lot and more ppl know about ur gig cause my blog traffic is increasing day by day

normally i charge 5 usd for 1 banner ad/month but i can do it for free if u can also offer me ur service for free. that’s mutual benefit. how do u think?


As upon arrivel on this forum I have noticed one thing to be very important in selling.

Patience. I know, right. I want the sales too as we all do :wink:

I am excited when I get an order in. But I do realize that this patience is really needed too.

I would take the suggestion of the video. That will surely help!


Hi @marklbryan,

I second the others recommendation to add a video. It doesn’t even have to be you video taping yourself. It can be a few photos in a slideshow with some music over it and some screen text talking about the gig.

As a seller, what counts is orders, not views. :slight_smile: I believe the view counter is broken for most people (if not all) at this time anyway. My gig only reports 4 or 5 views, yet we have delivered more than that in orders already!

We have been here just over a month, with our first sucessful gig posted about 3 weeks ago. We have already made level 1 and hopefully will have level 2 within the next 30 days from only two active gigs.

I believe our success is due to our videos on the gigs (instead of only a picture) and the fact that we have been active on the forums, engaging the fiverr community.

We have not promoted or advertised outside of fiverr yet, and I believe the best place to start is right in our own backyard! (virtual fiverr backyard :wink: )

So my ideas for your gigs would to certainly add some sort of video content and to be active on the forums here, networking with your fiverr fam!

Here’s to many fiverr’s! =;


I’m not a huge seller. I’m just now getting to the point of adding videos, but I’ve done alright before then (at least a few orders a week).

Try making sure that you are providing something people actually need/want. Taking a look at your gigs, the only one of interest to me is the advertising one, but you don’t give any details about your blog. What is the subject matter? How many people view it on average per day? Etc. Without those specifics or any feedback, I’m likely to take my $5 (however little) and put it somewhere that provides more promise.