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not finding my gig even no massage.

Recently I am facing a problem in fiverr. I am not finding my gig even no massage. Its not happened earlier. Last 3-4 days I am getting this problem. Is there any fiverr update problem? My gig is showing active but not in the search option. May be any update issue. Even I am not seeing the gig in the categories option. As a account holder I am not finding. But when simply without accounting I am checking getting sometime.

Same thing happening to me

I assume you mean, “message”. A “massage” is a completely different thing.

A “message” is a note of communication. A “massage” is, essentially, a back rub.

That being said…

When things don’t go the way you expect them to, this is not a “Fiverr update problem”. Please do not expect Fiverr to do what you want it to. Being a freelancer is an uncertain career choice. Things will always happen different than you plan them. In addition, the Fiverr search system is intentionally unpredictable. Fiverr does not guarantee that all gigs will be seen in the search system, or seen where sellers want them to be seen.

Fiverr wants sellers to take responsibility for their own success. This generally includes not relying upon the search system to be your primary source of sales. Have you been doing anything to reach out and connect to your target customers on your own? Have you been doing your own marketing, and taking your own steps to help people find your gigs?

Try buyer requests and being active on the forum