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Not finished order for more than 2 months

Hello everyone, I am a professional and I ordered a new card design (payed 73,5 €). I had 2 designs from the designer which I rejected. After that, he sent me some unprofessional logos and stopped to cooperate. Is there any way to refund my payment to cooperate with another designer?

If your seller did not deliver what you asked (you ask for a brown cat and they return to you a red dog) then you are certainly entitled to your money back. This also applies if the designs you were given were plagiarized. But if the reason for rejecting the work is entirely subjective (it doesn’t “feel right” or doesn’t “look right” but you can’t explicitly verbalize what’s wrong or what can be changed) then it’s not the seller’s fault… it would be your fault for failing to provide sufficient instruction. Sellers aren’t mind readers, after all!

Design work is tough because it IS subjective. If you gave vague details and your seller came back with work and you just don’t like it then you should pay your seller because they performed the work according to your vague instructions. If you are objective in your description of the work and they come back objective wrong (red dog instead of brown cat), then you have reason to complain. You can submit a mutual request to the seller explaining that there’s a communication error and you don’t think you can work it out, and that you’d like to cancel.

If that doesn’t work, take your case to Customer Support by submitting a ticket. Take screenshots of the instructions given to the seller and of the work produced, of your feedback, the revision, and any conversation between you and the seller you deem appropriate to making the case that your seller didn’t deliver what you asked for. Customer Support will review the situation and if you are in the right they may cancel the order. As you say your seller has been uncooperative, it is likely that CS will likely side with you… assuming you were clear in your instruction and professional in your communication.

Remember that funds returned to you stay on Fiverr – they may not be withdrawn to Paypal/money source. When ordering a new gig with your Fiverr credit you can only access the funds by ordering a gig that is equal to or less than the amount of credit you have. If the gig you would like to purchase is higher than the amount of credit you have, ask the buyer to send you a custom offer for the amount of credit and then a second custom offer for the remaining amount (to be paid from Paypal/other source).

Best of luck, and I hope your future experiences on Fiverr are more positive.