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Not gating order

not gets and oder. i have got 3 oder and now this is stops. please give me some tips.

OMG! Please learn English first, then think about orders. The clients might smash you in communication ratings. Keep marketing and keep sending buyer requests(if you get, some people like me are not getting). For further experinece, keep reading posts of the forum


You say in your profile you’re an SEO expert, including off-page SEO.

Surely this would be an ideal way for you to use your skills to get traffic from off-Fiverr onto Fiverr to see your gigs?

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Dear @himel132 1st of all you have find some special skills of you and the research on fiver and here you will get a lot of idea about how to make your give more interesting than others. after this make some good gig that has demand on market.
Now comes the main part marketing, you have to share your gig in different socal media an try to do some seo as well so that your gig come in the first page.
and also try to improve your English because you have to make a good relation with client
That’s it, hope this will help you. :heart_eyes:
Best of luck💜

You really seem to have a lot of social clicks, where do you get them? Those may be robot clicks, not real humans. If you are an SEO expert, and this is what you are selling, one more reason not to buy it. I just hear similar guys telling me “we not guarantee sales sir” and lough out loud.

If you have so many real clicks and social clicks, it means lots of people are looking at your gig. If no order, then your gig may not be appealing.
Previously mentioned language barrier may be the problem, we can’t see your gigs, but if a description has such grammar errors, I’d lose confidence in a second and move on.

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